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In the following examples, optional information is in brackets {}. Otherwise reference should be made to the particular translation used in addition to the German texts. Connect to Nietzsche Online. All Rights Reserved. Description The database Nietzsche Online provides researchers and readers complete online access to the editions, interpretations and reference works on one of the most important philosophers. 1719; 3, p. 349; 6, pp. The Press unites with alumni, friends, faculty, and staff to chronicle the University's life and history. — everything is will against will”: the whole note bears the title: “Exoteric — esoteric.” Precursor texts, variants, commentaries and annotations are retrievable line by line in footnotes via popups. Abstract This article describes the digital critical edition of the works and letters of Nietzsche published by Nietzsche Source compared with the different versions of the Colli/Montinari critical edition. The journal welcomes submissions that explore Nietzsche’s relevance to contemporary philosophical problems, as well as those deploying, and contributing to, the latest historical and philological resources. ^ The Apollonianism and Dionysiansism by Friedrich Nietzsche. a list of abbreviations for German and English Nietzsche texts, and a collated concordance to the fragments. Further Readings. (2013). option. Friedrich Nietzsche, Digitale Kritische Gesamtausgabe Werke und Briefe auf der Grundlage der Kritischen Gesamtausgabe Werke, herausgegeben von Giorgio Colli und Mazzino Montinari, Berlin/New York, Walter de Gruyter, 1967ff. Access supplemental materials and multimedia. New York, NY 10065. KSA 2, p. 14 Link to foreword of Unzeitgemäße Betrachtungen II, KSA 1, p. 247 . He wandered about Germany, Switzerland, and Italy, living in boardinghouses, and producing most of his famous books. Hunter College szerző, Giorgio Colli és Mazzino Montinari fogott hozzá Nietzsche összes műve kritikai kiadásának kidolgozásához, s mára már az egész világon az ő Kritikai Összkiadásuk (Kritische Gesamtausgabe, KGA) és ennek stúdium-változata (Kritische Studienausgabe, KSA) lett a Nietzsche-hivatkozások korszerű és szakszerű alapja. As Camus observes, ‘the decisive step that Nietzsche enables the rebel spirit to take, is to jump from the negation to the secularization of the ideal’ (HR, 103). The posthumous fragments of Nietzsche from autumn 1885 on can now be compared directly next to each other – in the version of KSA 10-13, the transcriptions of subdivision IX and the facsimiles of the notebooks and folders. Nietzsche’s works are referenced as follows: Title abbreviation, book number, essay number, section name, aphorism number, page number (especially for BT and UO).The Stanford edition has been chosen if available, otherwise the Cambridge edition is used. 7. Originally founded in 1991 as the journal of the Friedrich Nietzsche Society (UK), the journal is now owned by Penn State University Press and supported by Georgia State University ( its editorial home. Check out using a credit card or bank account with. 54, No. Journal of Nietzsche Studies website contact: Department of Philosophy The KSA includes only the philosophical works and posthumous fragments from 1869 to 1889, in thirteen volumes with two volumes of essential critical apparatus. Users thus obtain access to a comprehensive database containing the research results of the last forty years. Abbreviations of Works by Nietzsche. For terms and use, please refer to our Terms and Conditions Using the navigation in the “Browse” menu and the different search criteria you can narrow your searches. Central documents, manuscript descriptions, the forewords of Giorgio Colli from the KSA and other central documents can be found in the context menu in the right-hand window next to the respective text, facilitating research to the entire text corpus. JSTOR®, the JSTOR logo, JPASS®, Artstor®, Reveal Digital™ and ITHAKA® are registered trademarks of ITHAKA. JSTOR is part of ITHAKA, a not-for-profit organization helping the academic community use digital technologies to preserve the scholarly record and to advance research and teaching in sustainable ways. Definitions from the Nietzsche Dictionary can be retrieved directly from the Nietzsche text. Hunter CollegePenn State University PressProject Muse, Friedrich Nietzsche SocietyNew Nietzsche StudiesNietzsche-Studien. Friedrich Nietzsche - Friedrich Nietzsche - Nietzsche’s mature philosophy: Nietzsche’s writings fall into three well-defined periods. In one, he looks to the future, hoping that he will have assassinated ‘two millennia of antinature’ and that a ‘party of Life’ (Team Life, if you will) will have attempted ‘the relentless destruction’ of … Supposing I have the key to your chains, why should your lock and my lock be the same?” (Nietzsche, KSA 10:4[4]) Academy of Ideas Membership. Nietzsche, KSA 7, 165) In any case, no matter whether one is able to contain or fails to contain in one soul ‘the oldest, the newer, losses, hopes, conquests, and the victories of humanity … and crowd it into a single feeling’ (GS 4, 337), what remains significant is the long run and the highest feeling. In addition to approximately 70 volumes of the Nietzsche edition, there are more than 80 monographs and reference works such as the Nietzsche-Wörterbuch and the annual volumes of the Nietzsche-Studien—altogether over 100,000 book pages. The early works, The Birth of Tragedy and the four Unzeitgemässe Betrachtungen (1873; Untimely Meditations), are dominated by a Romantic perspective influenced by Schopenhauer and Wagner. More details on the planned updates can be found in the document “Status / Updates 2011”. Special Features of the Online Database ... • Nietzsche Online is the only platform that can claim to offer an edition of the works that meets academic standards of work and quality. 21, No. Nietzsche on Rock and Stone: The Dead World, Dance and Flight. Nietzsche is known for his use of poetry and prose (sometimes together in poetic prose style) in his writings. (JGB 15, KSA 5.29). Request Permissions. Besides giving you access to the complete edition of the works and letters of Friedrich Nietzsche by Giorgio Colli and Mazzino Montinari, the Nietzsche Online database also includes the publications that have been published by De Gruyter on Nietzsche’s works and reception. One feature is that the online edition of the KGW and the KGB contains the entire text corpus in updated form, with all subsequent corrections, including those from subdivision IX, incorporated into the text. —Friedrich Nietzsche, KSA 12:9 [60], taken from The Will to Power, section 585, translated by Walter Kaufmann Nietzsche approaches the problem of nihilism as a deeply personal one, stating that this problem of the modern world is a problem that has "become conscious" in him. Nietzsche gave up Prussian citizenship in 1869 and remained stateless for the rest of his life. One episode on Nietzsche details his life and work. 337-360. All English translations from Nietzsche's work rendered by the author should be standardized to include references to the German texts available in the critical German editions (preferably the KSA). References to Nietzsche's texts are given in the body of the articles. und Nietzsche Briefwechsel Kritische Gesamtausgabe, Berlin/New York, Walter de Gruyter, 1975ff., herausgegeben von Paolo D’Iorio. The updates will also contain new functions and features. The textual situation of the KSA is still less homogeneous than that of the KGB. International Journal of Philosophical Studies: Vol. Little did I know Nietzsche’s life was kind of a shit show. Part of the Pennsylvania State University and a division of the Penn State University Libraries and Scholarly Communications, Penn State University Press serves the University community, the citizens of Pennsylvania, and scholars worldwide by advancing scholarly communication in the core liberal arts disciplines of the humanities and social sciences. A second feature is that we have taken advantage of the possibilities of the digital edition to give you access to all documents related to a text in its context. 13. An excellent example is his iconic phrase "God is dead", in German: Gott ist tot.This, combined with the fact that he disdained any kind of system, has made several aspects of his philosophy seemingly lacking coherent meaning or being paradoxical. Purchase this issue for $39.00 USD. Here are the five craziest things about Nietzsche’s life from Alain de Botton’s video. We hope that Nietzsche Online will support you in obtaining “unexpected results” and that when working with the database you will occasionally discover “what itself is the win of all wins” (11 = M III 1; DOI 10.1515/NO_W004477_0011 - 11[82] and FW 1, 42; DOI: DOI: 10.1515/NO_W004477_0005). Nietzsche Online, 2011-09-09 How to Cite the Nietzsche Online Database This brief guide will show you how to cite and create a bibliography of texts from Nietzsche Online in your scholarly work. (Nietzsche, Z, 73 [KSA 4.109–410]). The history of philosophy, theology, and psychology since the early 20th century is unintelligible without him. Become a member and gain access to exclusive member videos. ^ Procrastination in Shakespeare's Hamlet. For works not included in KSA, I have referred to Nietzsche (1967 –), the Gesamtausgabe edited by Colli and Montinari (KGW). ©2000-2021 ITHAKA. Hence, Nietzsche is no thoroughgoing empiricist in the Humean or Lockean sense, for he criticizes empiricists for equating sense experience with knowledge, assigning to individuals the capacity of autonomously constructing ideas independently of society, and identifying all reality by discrete individuals. With Nietzsche Online you thus have access to the most recent and up-to-date text versions. ^ Dionysus in Nietzsche and Greek Myth. And as part of a land-grant and state-supported institution, the Press develops both scholarly and popular publications about Pennsylvania, all designed to foster a better understanding of the state's history, culture, and environment. ^ On Music and words. Nietzsche has plenty to say about this idea in these texts (KSA 1, pp. Related. ^ Ideas About Art. of Contents. (2011). Inquiry: Vol. However, the research platform offers considerably more than the sum of its print content. he content of the texts in the database is extensively linked—during your research you can directly retrieve the secondary literature related to the specific Nietzsche passage. Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche (/ ˈ n iː tʃ ə, ˈ n iː tʃ i /; German: [ˈfʁiːdʁɪç ˈvɪlhɛlm ˈniːtʃə] or [ˈniːtsʃə]; 15 October 1844 – 25 August 1900) was a German philosopher, cultural critic, composer, poet, writer, and philologist whose work has exerted a profound influence on modern intellectual history. Copyright 2010 The Pennsylvania State University Taking this approach, however, risks confusing aspects of the Nietzsche legend with what is important in his philosophical work, and many commentators are rightly skeptical of readings derived pri… Any suggestions you may have regarding improvements, corrections and report of errors (which unfortunately still may exist) are greatly appreciated. Definitions from the Nietzsche Dictionary can be retrieved directly from the Nietzsche text. We are grateful for any feedback sent to —even though the mail address may suggest otherwise. Quotations from Nietzsche’s Nachlass refer to the year, group, and note number (NF year: group[note]) as given in KSA. ... Vorwort, ksa 1.246). Friedrich Nietzsche - Friedrich Nietzsche - Nietzsche’s influence: Nietzsche once wrote that some men are born posthumously, and that is certainly true in his case. ^ F. Nietzsche, KSA 12:7 [8] ^ Friedrich Nietzsche, Complete Works Vol. Read your article online and download the PDF from your email or your account. [95] Read the full-text online edition of Nietzsche in the Nineteenth Century: Social Questions and Philosophical Interventions (2018). New electronic resources from De Gruyter available at: 1, pp. Select a purchase References to Nietzsche's unpublished writings are standardized, whenever possible, to refer to the most accessible edition of Nietzsche's notebooks and publications, Kritische Studienausgabe (KSA), compiled under the general editorship of Giorgio Colli and Mazzino Montinari. Posted in Friedrich Nietzsche, Philosophy, Videos Tagged nietzsche, psychology. We use cookies and similar tools to enhance your shopping experience, to provide our services, understand how customers use our services so we can make improvements, and display ads. 4, pp. Go to Table In 2000, Alain de Botton made a six part series on philosophy which is now available online. The Digitale Kritische Gesamtausgabe Werke und Briefe () is the digital version of the German reference edition of Nietzsche’s works, posthumous fragments, and correspondence edited by Giorgio Colli and Mazzino Montinari (Friedrich Nietzsche, Werke.Kritische Gesamtausgabe, Berlin/New York, de Gruyter, 1967– and Nietzsche Briefwechsel. Individual and Community in Nietzsche's Philosophy - August 2014 Because much of Nietzsche’s philosophical work has to do with the creation of self—or to put it in Nietzschean terms, “becoming what one is”— some scholars exhibit uncommon interest in the biographical anecdotes of Nietzsche’s life. Previously, one had to search through several volumes and in different reference apparatus. In the fly-out on the right you will find diverse aids which we hope you will find helpful—e.g. Nietzsche, Nachlaß, VIII 5 [9], KSA 12, 187; “Es giebt gar keinen Willen.” The important point about this statement is, that it appears as point 2, following on “1. Become a Member. #1 Nietzsche was a failure during his lifetime BAW is Becksche Ausgabe Werke (roughly Beck's collection of works, Beck is a german publisher), the first historical critical collection of Nietzsches works, discontinued because WW2 after 5 volumes, available in reprint cover the early works of nietzsche, from childhood up to 1869. ^ Nietzsche, Dionysus and Apollo. In 1879 Nietzsche resigned his professorship - or was forced to give up his chair - due to his headaches and poor health. This item is part of JSTOR collection Online shopping from a great selection at Books Store. The posthumous fragments of Nietzsche from autumn 1885 on can now be compared directly next to each other – in the version of KSA 10-13, the transcriptions of subdivision IX and the facsimiles of the notebooks and folders. 695 Park Avenue Hence, a complete database on one of the most important philosophers is available to you for the first time. 307, 313). ^ Nietzsche on Hamlet(Commonplace Book). The first edition of 1980 claimed that the text of the KSA … Friedrich Nietzsche eddig megjelent könyvei online kedvezménnyel, Friedrich Nietzsche akciós könyvei, előrendelhető könyvek. New entries to the Nietzsche-Wörterbuch and pages on special topics will also be added. 20-40. The Journal of Nietzsche Studies is a peer-reviewed, English-language journal with an international readership, dedicated to publishing the best philosophical scholarship on the work and thought of Friedrich Nietzsche. Clicking on the help button will provide you with more details and useful tips and tricks. The database will be expanded on a regular basis to include new print content and also ahead-of-print content, which will at first only be available in Nietzsche Online. Published By: Penn State University Press,, Access everything in the JPASS collection, Download up to 10 article PDFs to save and keep, Download up to 120 article PDFs to save and keep. Nietzsche's Fourfold Conception of the Self.

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